Islands Within Islands (Polyslate Dystopia) (English Edition)


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The Polyslate Dystopia.

The future is dark. Grimdark.
Technologically provides a near-endless and unforgiving existence – in life and in death.
Humanity has left history behind and thrown itself deep into the universe.
The past isn’t so easily abandoned and has no reason to forget.

The Polyslate Dystopia short stories explore characters and their stories around the time of Astral Twilight, when the space-colonizing megacorps bombarded Earth from orbit and pushed it back into a second dark age. None of these stories are dead ends – they’re the entry points for the novels that follow.

What’s a polyslate? It’s just a simple, ubiquitous tablet-like interface device that cybernetics can communicate with. Think of it as a common thread between the stories. The rest is up to you to figure out.

What’s a dystopia? Think of the real world and all of its flaws. Imagine how it should be in the far-off future. Now consider all of the trade-offs and consequences that need to be navigated to get to that future. The Polyslate Dystopia explores the author’s dystopian universe and everything that has gone wrong along the way. Cheer for the characters – they need all the help they can get. A few will survive.

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